Our intention for this workshop lies in knowing that our future lies in our youth. This series is to uplift the teens of our community. To instill positive change, healthy habits, create connection to self and to each other in every student that participates. To draw out the individuals strengths and talents so that he/she can live up to their highest potential. Lastly to create a ripple effect of positive outcomes, mindfulness and self acceptance among teens far and wide.

Schedule and Content

Week one: Living on purpose. Why follow the crowd when you are meant to stand out?
Introduce Breath Work and Meditation
-writing prompt
-circle up

Week two: Gratitude (Santosha) Why and How to practice gratitude daily
-Circle up
-Create Accountability

Week three: Speaking Truth & Healthy Communication
-Role playing
-Healthy self talk
-How to handle conflict
-Respond > React

Week four: Compassion > Comparison
-Physical movement, dance party, yoga
-Writing prompt

Week five: Review + Integration. What is working? Where have challenges come up?
-Inspired action steps
-Create our own mind tool box

Week six: Contribution, giving back to others is giving back to self
-Contribution project

Week seven: Living Authentically + Re-creating Your Story
-Vision boards
-Permission slips

Week eight: Accept Self, Accept others
-Compliment Circle
-Celebration of self

Details & Investment

Every Monday beginning October 7th- November 25th


Drop in $25 or Full 8 week series $150 includes work book

Snacks and Beverages provided each session