Modern studio space for

teachers, artists, influencers

& leaders to own and step into their

passion & purpose


A co- working opportunity Located in the heart of Old Town Orange for those who can utilize an open concept studio space. Yoga and Meditation teachers, Artists, Dancers, Personal Trainers, Empowerment Leaders, Kids Development Teachers, Fitness You-tubers, Photographers, and so much more.

2000 square feet

Private Restroom

Private office

Boutique Space

Natural Lighting and Modern Organic Decor

Founder Marina Stirdivant birthed the idea of Connect as she struggled to find a studio space available to rent for her daughters dance sessions while at the same time always finding herself desiring her own space to hold the workshops and specialized classes that she wanted to teach. With a passion for contribution and entrepreneurship and endless encouragement and support from family and friends this space was born. CONNECT represents the union of a community, the connection of self to our purpose and to each other.


Connect Studio Space is modern, minimal and clean, decorated with natural plants that purify the air and diffusers.

Natural lighting during the day and decorative string lights for the evening keep the vibes right.

At Connect you are given a platform to have your own work space branding your name, with your own mission, and your own logo. We give you the stability of having your own studio space with the flexibility that you need as an entrepreneur. Our team values what you do and wants to support you to expand to your highest potential not only in your business but in all aspects of your life!

My team and I encourage you to take this next step in your career to have your own space while being a part of an extraordinary community. The first 10 members to sign up at Connect will be honored an introductory price for the first 6 months. Membership benefits are listed below. See Pricing tab for all pricing and membership options.

My goal is to see you succeed in whatever it is that you are offering to the world.

For the last 10 years I have been in a women’s mastermind group which has encouraged accelerated growth in my personal and professional life as well as working with my own life coach. Both of these have instilled a passion in me to uplift and inspire others to find and live out their life’s purpose. I believe that we each have unique gifts to share and I am inspired to work alongside you fostering and cultivating that gift.

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to you being a part of this community!

With passion & purpose,